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New Website SEO Tips

Launching a new or improved website can be a seriously daunting task, with so many variables to reel in and get under control. One thing that might get a little neglected is making sure your SEO implementation is on point, but it’s really easy to make sure that it doesn’t happen. A few simple things […]

Why Reviews Matter for Your Local SEO Rankings

There’s been lots of contention on just what plays into factoring search engine rankings for local businesses, with a surprising amount of scrutiny put on user reviews. With Google keeping their usual mum stance on the situation, handfuls of users have done lots of independent research, and the outcome is pretty unanimous, user reviews matter. […]

Need Some Social Visuals: Tools to Create Shareable Social Content

An important aspect of social media is creating visual, engaging, and shareable content. While conveying things via text is important, mixing it up with different types of visual content is important as well. Most users tend to prefer more visual content, as it’s easier to assimilate, easier to share, and easier to gather information from. […]

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