SEO Directory Submissions

So you’ve got your WordPress site up, running, and on-brand, you’ve jam packed it with content, and you’re proud of the direction it’s taken. What’s the next step? How can you capitalize and market it effectively, driving up more than normal traffic? A good resource to take advantage of is blog directories, a website thats a database full of different blogs, wordpress sites, business sites, and more. These directories not only create SEO friendly backlinks, the opportunity rhe provide for increased traffic and marketing opportunities are only limited by the databases you submit to.

So how does a blog directory work? Well, simply, it’s a giant, searchable database of user submitted sites sorted by category and subcategory. When planning on submitting yourself to directories, it’s important to come prepared. Before starting, spend some time making a centralized file containing all the information you plan on submitting for easy reference. Start with the basics, like URL, RSS feed link, social links, contact emails. Then comes where you can get creative. Create a short tagline. Could be a slogan or a quote, or a short description. Choose your main category, then a few rough ideas for subcategories. Some sites have different or expanded options for sub categories, so it’s important to explore and make some flexible options. That’s the bulk of what you’ll need from this point forward, although some directories will ask for more links, more information, or other small details you can fill in on a case by case basis.

Now you’re ready to submit all of that to directories, which can be a daunting task. Which directories are safe? Which are trusted? Which will serve my best interests? It’s difficult to dive right in, but these two resources will serve you well for jumping off points:

General Web Directory Listings

Top Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To

Searching through the directory list, and looking over the directories listed will give you a good view into what certain directories expect, how the handle submissions, and what the directory can offer your site. As long as it’s a valid, trusted directory, there’s no such thing as putting yourself on too many directories, though you should prioritize more heavily used, better reviewed ones and keep your submission there up to date. Keeping a list, even just a link, to the directories you’ve submitted to is also a great idea, just for your own records, and since duplicate entries aren’t a good thing.

All this work, but overall, how does it affect your site? Well, firstly, it creates a nice, friendly catalog of backlinks to your site, which are paramount in keeping up a good SEO ranking. Secondly, more active directories will have users, marketers, and all sorts of opportunities browsing them looking for blogs that fit their needs, which could be anything from paid reviews or ads, to cross promotion. These kinds of opportunities usually only manifest from the larger, more travelled directories, which you should be submitting to first. All in all, it’s an important step for any blog to take in the fast paced world of online marketing, and one that should be taken with care.


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