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NerdBox recognizes that digital marketing is both new and complex for many companies. However, with more people using the Internet, its no longer an option to not acquire professional digital marketing services. But don't worry - our services are crafted with you, the client, in mind.

Social Media Marketing Services

We know that social media is time consuming and may APPEAR not to be relevant to your business. Consider this: Your social media presence can impact up to 90% of your audience's purchase decisions. Social networks are a one stop destination for your customers to learn about your company, share feedback, and discuss your brand with friends. NerdBox understands this and works to craft the social presence your business needs.


Know in advance what will be posted on your social profiles. Each week, NerdBox will send you a calendar detailing the exact content for the following week. With us, you'll never be kept in the dark about your social media marketing.


Having a targeted audience is more important to your social media success than the best of content. NerdBox will both grow and engage with your audience to give you a loyal group who will engage with your brand.


Either weekly or monthly - your choice - NerdBox will send you a report on your social media platforms. This document will present a wide variety of actionable data regarding your social media marketing.
  • Every firm needs local clients and with our Local Search Optimization services, you'll begin to have a greater presence in local searches. With more of your target audience looking for advice and services online, wouldn't it be great to have your firm be shown as a nearby resource? By optimizing your website, its presence online, and managing your reputation, NerdBox will give your firm the exposure it needs!
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